Just have to tell you again how much we LOVEEE our Huck. Happy New Year from all of us.

Hi! I just wanted to give you another update on Nike. He is the perfect dog for us! He has really come out of his shell. He is still nervous around strangers, but he is completely comfortable with all of us. At first he wasn’t sure about our grandchildren, but now he loves them and they love him. He loves Amanda and Pam, but he’s becoming “my” dog. Nike loves car rides now, and he certainly loves taking walks. And you cannot pet him enough. He doesn’t care if you scratch his ears or chin, pet his head, paws or legs. Thank you again!

We adopted Bolt on May 7, 2015! This Saturday will be his 1 year Gotcha day! He now weighs 50lbs and is still as active as ever. We walk 2mi a day and he even knows the route. He loves sitting at the window an watching cars go by. His anxiety is under control, an he has great manners now as well. His favorite things are carrots, celery, apples, elk antlers and of course his toys. He is literally our baby, he even goes to grandmas when we go to work. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him, and for all you do!

Got an update from Cody and his family today (12/17/15)! For you who don't remember Cody he's the one in the hat! He was shot in the leg and we spent 8 months repairing and rebuilding his leg and trust in humans! They say he's the best and are thankful to have him in their home for his first Christmas! God bless you Cody and family from all of us here at Hope Animal Rescue!